Ryan Chambers | Colorist, Stylist

Scarlett DeMoss | Makeup Artist                                                                                        


Ryan Chambers

Ryan has been a hairdresser in Dallas for many years.

Trends come and go, but the mark of a true stylist is when to apply the right amount of  "timeless" to your "of the moment" hairstyle. 

Haircuts and a refined specialty in Hair Color are held in equal measure with Ryan... One needs the other for the full potential of 

beautiful hair.

*Blonde, Brunette, Red, or all in one;  

they make a Haircut shine...

Long or Short,

Bobbed or Cropped,

Layered and Loose. 

Ryan's love of editorial shoots, fashion shows, red carpet events

(as well as being a Bridal Hair Specialist), keeps him up to date on what's new, next... but also the ability to pull from the past  and apply it to the future. There is nothing new under the sun, and the true innovators know how to take something old and transform it to a forward and fresh look. 

*Ryan uses only Schwartzkopf Professional hair color products.